Jet-ski trailers


  Our  trailers Jet Ski CBS trailers  are built from steel and  steel tube   that we  galvanize hot.
  Our  trailers  jet-ski CBS  are  CE  and we sell  through a  professionals network  in France, Europe and  Africa .
Jet-ski trailers
Our trailers scooters simple jet seas consist of a frame straight or curved tubular frame with an aesthetic, a safe operation with a low center of gravity (the curved trailers)

Our front stops are strong and equipped with a winch strap good quality, a coil not to damage the jet

 We are  give them a resistant metal mud and jockey wheel for the best  usefull for your trailer jet ski cbs

Jet-ski trailers
In our production ,we give a great carefull on the fact that our trailers jet ajustable to accommodate different levels and dimensions of your machine.A trailer or truck Jet set properly ,it will ensure a quiet and safe during your transport

Trucks and Trailers Jet ski
  Our bouble trailers  jet CBS trailers allow you to carry:
2 jets  arm
1 seat jet and jet arm
2 seat jets
1 jet saddle+  quad
4 jet ski

  with our  systèms de skates  which offer a large contact area   witth the jet  some very practical systems folding fires

  For  ease of uses you can either replace the ramps by rollers or sliding pads add ramps.
Jet-ski trailers
  our carts launch CBS trailer for jet consists of:
  carts CBS  workshop  or storage jet  and  true carriage launch that can be hung behind quad.

our  carts launch CBS trailers  for  jet ski  are very sturdy galvanized steel. the chariot CBS CJ is used launching at low speed (plastic rim designed for slow speeds)  wide wheels with low pressure and with a hitch to the behind a quad or car.

 Manufactured in our factory in France TOULAUD our trailer and trucks launch will give you complete  satisfaction