CBS Trailers, distributor of parts and accessories trailers in England.

Located in Ardeche in France, we design, produce and sell all types of trailers.

We are also a leading distributor of parts and accessories trailers France.

1. Winches and brackets:

Winch - CBS Trailers   Boat trailers and winches 
   Electric winches
   Trailer winch parts and accessories 
   Bare or complete Stems
   Snubber block

2. Wheels

Wheels - CBS Trailers   Trailer wheels
   Trailer Rims
   Trailer Mudguards 
   Jockey wheels 
   Spare wheel carriers

3. Electricity

Elictricity - CBS Trailers   Lights Trailer  
   Accessories lights
   Plug sockets & Adapters

4. Axles and Coupler

Axles and coupler - CBS Trailers   Trailer axles 
   Hubs and   accessories
   Braking controls
   Cables and brake kits
   Coupler heads
   Locks and accessories

5. Water options and Utilities Options:

Water options and utilities options - CBS Trailers  Keels rollers, bow rollers for boat trailers 
  Roller sets
  Metal fixings and supports  
  Bunks and rollers ramps 
  Dead shores
  Sleeves and Omegas
  Clamps with swivels
  Cross members bare and complete
  Various water options and Jet Ski options
  Metallique cart with or without lid
  U Bolts

Utilities options - CBS Trailers  Hinges and locks
  Ramps and Rails motorcycle
  Flat tarpaulins and high tarpaulins

6. Frames, Chassis and Drawbar:

Frames - CBS trailers  Chassis
  Accessories drawbar
  Plastic tips and Draught


All the accessories can be delivered outside of France upon quotation.

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