headband special productions at CBS Entertainment Trailers


For many years, CBS Trailers working in partnership with professionals from all sectors and communities to develop or adapt new transport solutions tailored to your needs.

Special manufacture of trailer to transport ULM
ULM trailers 

Fabrication spéciale de remorque pour bateaux de ski nautique
Trailer ski boats 

Special manufacture of trailer T111M Step
Step trailer T111M 

Trailers Q520 Spyder
Trailers Q520 Spyder 

Special Fabrications trailer for pontoon boats
Trailer pontoon boats 

Customization of trailer boats and jet -ski door
Customization Trailer 

Trailer manufacturing floor for optimistic
Trailer storey door optimistic 

Special manufacturing bike racks
Bicycle trailer 


With our expertise and our machinery we can accompany you on your projects special trailers.

Study Office

Study Office 
Laser cutting

Laser cutting




We have already made many special trailers like:

- Trailers for transporting ULM
- Trailers for transporting pontoon boats
- Trailers pads for ski boats
- Customization of trailers boats and jet ski door
- Trailers for transporting boats with hulls step
- Trailer with decks for the transport of boats and oars optimistic
- Trailers for transporting trays spyder or buggy
- Trailers bike racks
- Trailers for gigs
- Trailers for canoes
- Trailers for dragonboat
- Trailers for thundercat
- Trolley launching heavy load